Hyundai Ioniq 6: The Ultimate Breakthrough in Electric Cars That Outshines Its Predecessor, Ioniq 5


We have reached a significant milestone where automakers, apart from Tesla, are progressing beyond their initial generation of electric vehicles (EVs) and introducing their second and even third models. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 and its counterpart, the Kia EV6, have gained attention as remarkable alternatives to the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. These vehicles stand out due to their innovative designs and advanced technological features. With the increasing number of models entering the market, automakers face a crucial decision: Should they simply develop smaller or larger versions of their existing EVs, or should they strive to continually push the boundaries of design with each new model?

Hyundai has unequivocally chosen the latter path. While the Ioniq 5 did not necessarily revolutionize the industry, it undeniably presented a fresh perspective on the midsize crossover segment. It featured retro-styled pixel lights, a minimalist interior, and more. However, with the Ioniq 6, Hyundai has returned to the drawing board. Although some similarities exist, the Ioniq 6 is far more than just a downsized version of its predecessor, the Ioniq 5.

The design of the Ioniq 6

The design of the Ioniq 6 exhibits numerous resemblances to the Ioniq 5, yet upon initial observation, they appear completely distinct. The Ioniq 6 boasts a sleeker profile, clearly drawing inspiration from the iconic Porsche 911. Its elegant, curved lines converge into a bar-light spoiler at the rear of the car, while its slanted headlight cutouts exude a classic aesthetic. Subtle details, like the scattered pixel light accents throughout the vehicle, hint at its shared lineage with the Ioniq 5.

Personally, I find the design quite appealing. However, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone shares the same sentiment, and that's perfectly valid. Admittedly, the Ioniq 6 may not possess the same level of refinement or premium appearance as the Porsche 911 from which it draws inspiration. Nonetheless, it still exudes a sleek and captivating allure, surpassing the majority of traditional combustion engine-powered sedans currently available.

It Might Not be The Initial Occurrence

Let me clarify, there is indeed a precedent for all electric vehicles (EVs) from a particular company to possess a similar design. And that precedent originates from the leading EV manufacturer of them all: Tesla.

Up to this point, Tesla's cars share a striking resemblance... or you could say they have a consistent look. However, this is not necessarily a negative aspect. Many individuals genuinely appreciate the Tesla style, and there's a practical aspect to the uniformity. With the design aspect out of the equation, Tesla's cars, particularly the more affordable ones, are primarily distinguished by their size. Looking for a compact car? Opt for the Model 3. Need something larger? The Model Y is the Tesla designed for you.

Nevertheless, this trend starts to deviate as we move towards the higher-end models, where Tesla introduces unique features to differentiate each vehicle. The Model S, for instance, boasts an extended range compared to any other Tesla car, while the Model X showcases those impressive gull-wing doors. And let's not forget about the upcoming Cybertruck, which will be an entirely different beast altogether.

However, it's important to note that the majority of customers aren't seeking vehicles in those higher price ranges. Most Tesla buyers base their decision solely on whether they desire a larger or smaller model. There's certainly utility in that approach, but it can also be somewhat unexciting.

More Than Just a Beautiful Fa├žade

The Ioniq 5 was not only impressive for its sleek design but also its impressive array of features. I'm enamored with the blind-spot cameras, the incredibly fast charging capabilities, and the convenient option to utilize the charging port for external accessories. Even though Hyundai's infotainment system is satisfactory, I typically prefer connecting and utilizing CarPlay.

However, these are features that Hyundai should not restrict or overprice in their vehicles. These features should be synonymous with Hyundai's new lineup, enhancing the overall experience of owning an electric vehicle. Therefore, the Ioniq 6 will also incorporate them.

Hyundai has limited room to play with driving dynamics as well. The reality is that there's only so much room for individuality in how an electric car feels, particularly within a specific price range and size. They all offer instantaneous acceleration and excellent responsiveness, which is a positive aspect. However, unless you have a keen sense for how cars feel, you're unlikely to discern significant differences.

Exploring new horizons

I am optimistic about Hyundai's dedication to innovative design as it introduces a growing lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) — and based on current reports, it seems that they are indeed committed to doing so. The forthcoming Ioniq 7, as indicated by early concept images, promises to redefine the SUV aesthetic. While the design may not immediately strike me as exceptionally stylish, I have faith in the company's ability to make sound design choices.

Meanwhile, for those seeking an electric sedan with a touch of flair, the Ioniq 6 presents an excellent option that sets it apart from much of its competition. Admittedly, this does add some complexity to the purchasing decision compared to Tesla's models, but having a variety of choices is ultimately beneficial. Furthermore, if the sleek and curvaceous design of the Ioniq 6 doesn't resonate with you, rest assured that the Ioniq 5 will remain a prominent contender. Regardless of which car you ultimately choose, you can be confident that you are selecting one of the finest EVs currently available.

In conclusion, whether it's pushing the boundaries of design with the upcoming Ioniq 7 or embracing the stylish appeal of the Ioniq 6 and Ioniq 5, Hyundai continues to offer compelling options in the world of electric vehicles. With their commitment to innovation and quality, choosing any of these models ensures that you'll be driving one of the top EVs on the market.

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