Transform Your iPhone into the Ultimate Workstation or Kitchen Assistant with this Exciting iOS 17 Upgrade

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iPhone's Upcoming iOS 17 Update to Feature Smart Display Functionality


Apple's highly anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is approaching, and the focus is not only on the rumored AR/VR headset but also on the exciting updates coming to the iPhone. According to a recent report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the upcoming iOS 17 version is set to introduce a smart display feature, bringing a new level of usefulness to locked iPhones. This feature, inspired by Android and Amazon's tablets, will transform the horizontally-positioned locked iPhone into a glanceable window displaying valuable information such as weather updates, calendar appointments, notifications, and more.

Enhancing Practicality with Smart Display:

The new smart display feature, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro's Always-On Display, aims to make iPhones more functional even when not actively in use. This trend aligns with the approach of Android tablets like those from Google and Amazon, which maximize the device's idle time. By utilizing the locked screen to present relevant and real-time information, Apple is providing users with a more convenient and efficient way to stay updated without the need to unlock their devices.

Concerns about Battery Life:

One prominent question that arises with the introduction of the smart display feature is its impact on battery life. Initial reviews of the iPhone 14 Pro's Always-On Display revealed concerns about battery consumption, as the feature appeared to consume more power than expected. However, Apple has been diligently addressing this issue through software updates. For instance, they introduced a feature that dims the screen entirely when inactive. Despite these efforts, it remains to be seen how the new smart display setting will affect the device's battery life. The passive display of additional information and background updates may potentially reduce the endurance of the iPhone. It is possible that Apple will introduce an ambient setting that activates the screen only when a person is nearby, but even that might impose a toll on the battery.

Possible Solution: Dock Accessory:

To complement the smart display feature and address concerns about battery life, Apple could seize the opportunity to release its own rotatable MagSafe-compatible charging dock. This accessory would provide a natural landscape orientation for the iPhone and ensure that the device remains charged while in use. It is unlikely that older iPhones, predating the iPhone 12 series, will support the smart display feature due to the larger screen requirement for optimal usage. However, this limitation may work in Apple's favor since the iPhone 12 models and above already support MagSafe charging, creating a perfect synergy between the smart display and the dock accessory.


Apple's forthcoming iOS 17 update is set to bring an exciting and practical new feature to the iPhone with the introduction of the smart display functionality. By capitalizing on the idle time of locked iPhones, this feature will transform them into windows displaying useful information at a glance. While concerns about battery life remain, Apple has been actively addressing such issues, and it will be interesting to see how they optimize the new smart display setting. Additionally, the possibility of a dock accessory would further enhance the user experience, providing a convenient charging solution and maintaining the iPhone's landscape orientation.

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We can compare IOS 17 and IOS 16, lets go

Exploring iOS 16: A Comprehensive Review of Apple's Mobile Operating System


Apple's iOS 16 has brought a range of exciting features and improvements to enhance the user experience on iPhones. With a focus on performance enhancements, privacy upgrades, and new capabilities, iOS 16 offers a significant update for Apple enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the key features and advancements that iOS 16 brings to the table.

1. Enhanced Performance:

iOS 16 introduces several performance optimizations that improve the overall speed and responsiveness of iPhones. Apple has fine-tuned the operating system to reduce app launch times, improve multitasking capabilities, and enhance the overall system efficiency. With iOS 16, users can expect a smoother and more fluid experience, even on older iPhone models.

2. Focus Mode:

Recognizing the increasing need for digital well-being, iOS 16 introduces a new feature called Focus Mode. This feature allows users to create custom modes that filter notifications and limit distractions based on their preferences. Whether it's work, personal time, or a specific activity, Focus Mode helps users stay in the moment and minimize interruptions.

3. App Privacy Report:

Privacy remains a top priority for Apple, and iOS 16 includes an App Privacy Report feature to provide users with transparency and control over their data. The report gives a comprehensive overview of how apps are accessing sensitive information such as location, photos, microphone, and camera. With this information, users can make informed decisions about their privacy settings and take necessary actions.

4. Live Text:

iOS 16 introduces Live Text, a feature that utilizes on-device intelligence to recognize and extract text from photos. Users can now easily select, copy, and paste text from images, making it convenient for tasks like scanning documents, capturing phone numbers, or extracting information from posters or signs. Live Text adds a new level of convenience and productivity to the iPhone.

5. Advanced Siri Capabilities:

Apple has enhanced Siri's capabilities in iOS 16, enabling more natural and contextual interactions. Siri can now handle on-device processing for certain requests, ensuring faster response times and better privacy protection. Additionally, Siri's offline support allows users to perform tasks like setting alarms, timers, or controlling music playback even without an internet connection.

6. Redesigned Weather App:

iOS 16 introduces a visually refreshed Weather app, offering more detailed and dynamic weather information. Users can enjoy full-screen weather maps, animated backgrounds that reflect real-time conditions, and enhanced hourly and daily forecasts. The redesigned Weather app provides a visually stunning and immersive experience for staying informed about the weather.


iOS 16 brings significant enhancements and new features to Apple's mobile operating system, focusing on performance, privacy, and user experience. With optimized performance, a robust privacy framework, features like Focus Mode and Live Text, and improvements to Siri and the Weather app, iOS 16 offers a compelling update for iPhone users. As Apple continues to prioritize innovation and user satisfaction, iOS 16 stands as a testament to the company's commitment to delivering a seamless and secure mobile experience.

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