Electrifying the Off-Road Segment: Unleashing the Power of the Electric RAM TRX!

The global movement towards more sustainable propulsion methods is gradually progressing, necessitating eventual modifications to our beloved trucks and cars. Presently, the future appears to be leaning towards electric vehicles, with an increasing number of manufacturers investing in this technology each day. Consequently, it is essential to ensure that if electric trucks become the norm, they are implemented correctly. However, the electric trucks introduced thus far have not proven to be viable alternatives to their internal combustion counterparts, as they have been compromised in various aspects. With this in mind, let us explore the ideal electric alternative to a truck like the RAM TRX. Can electricity handle the demands of powering the most thrilling trucks available?

 What Does the Current TRX Offer?


The TRX stands out as one of the most remarkable pickup trucks to date, achieving performance figures that one would never expect from a vehicle of its size. Boasting 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, this full-sized truck surpasses the capabilities of many high-performance sports cars. While its on-road cornering ability may not be its strong suit, off-road adventures tell a different story. The engineers at RAM didn't merely equip the TRX with a powerful engine; they also reimagined numerous other components to ensure its composure during high-speed off-roading and its ability to withstand intense jumps. Yes, you read that right – this truck is built to handle jumps straight from the factory. Its sophisticated electrical systems can detect when the vehicle is airborne and instantaneously adjust the suspension, engine, and transmission to facilitate a smooth and controlled landing. However, intelligent electronics are just one piece of the puzzle. The TRX boasts heavy-duty control arms, a coil-sprung rear end, and long rear arms, offering exceptional control and ample suspension travel. Beneath its exterior, this vehicle reminds us of championship-winning trophy trucks.


Luxury is also a Key Aspect of the TRX

While the mechanical attributes mentioned above are impressive, let's be honest: most buyers of such a high-priced truck won't be utilizing it for off-roading purposes. Therefore, the TRX is also a luxurious item that ensures comfort and safety even during casual driving. Stepping inside, you are greeted with plush leather and generously sized seats that provide more support than the standard RAM seats. The dashboard boasts a large vertical infotainment system housing various drive modes and offering compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Furthermore, the TRX can easily accommodate a family, thanks to its spacious rear seats capable of comfortably accommodating tall adults or teenagers. As you can see, the current TRX offers much more than just excitement and enjoyment. It can serve multiple purposes and even function as a distinctive family vehicle. Consequently, the electric version of the TRX needs to meet a myriad of criteria.

How Will an Electric TRX be Powered?


Before we delve into this topic, it's worth mentioning that Dodge currently has no plans to replace the TRX with an electric model. As a result, information regarding potential features is scarce. Nevertheless, we can make educated speculations. Let's begin with the most crucial component: the drivetrain. As you may know, the current TRX employs the Hellcat drivetrain typically found in Dodge's high-performance muscle cars. The decision to place the supercharged V-8 engine in a truck was a direct response to fervent requests from Dodge enthusiasts, and it created a sensation in the market, outperforming even the Ford Raptor. A few months ago, Dodge unveiled an EV Charger concept that offered a glimpse into the future of their muscle car lineup. Alongside its striking design, the company announced that the forthcoming EV Charger's drivetrain would surpass the power output of all their current V-8 engines, including those of the Hellcat. Drawing from this historical precedent, we can expect a similar drivetrain from upcoming electric muscle cars to find its way into a future TRX. It's important to note that electric motors excel at delivering instant torque, making them suitable for heavy-duty pickup trucks equipped with large tires. Dodge, a company known for pushing boundaries and embracing fun, could potentially create an electric pickup boasting 850 or even 900 horsepower.

 Power Management is Key

One of the main shortcomings of previous electric trucks has been their utilization of independent suspension systems at both the front and rear, which negatively impacts payload capacity, durability, and off-road capabilities. However, an innovation by ZF could change this. The innovation involves integrating an electric motor into a solid axle, replacing the traditional differential. Given the TRX's purpose of conquering rough terrains, leveraging the added strength of such a unit would be truly remarkable. To maintain on-road stability and excel in high-speed off-roading, the TRX could retain its independent suspension design at the front.

 Taking Luxury to New Heights with an Electric Version

Electric vehicles have brought numerous innovations to the market, with one notable example being autopilot systems. Considering the TRX's luxurious nature, features like an autopilot system could certainly find their way into the cabin. Additionally, the general interior layout of the TRX could draw inspiration from the RAM Revolution concept, which offers remarkable seating arrangements and a game-changing bed layout. By examining the RAM Revolution closely, we can gain insight into what the future TRX might look like. Perhaps it will be a more aggressive and taller iteration of that particular truck, which would undeniably be captivating.

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