Unveiling the Power of MG4 EV: A Game-Changing Review of the Best-Value Electric Car

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Is the MG4 a worthy car option?

Surprisingly, emerging out of obscurity and promptly securing the carwow 2023 Car of the Year Award, we have the brand-new MG4. This vehicle marks the brand's initial venture into the realm of electric hatchbacks, aiming to compete with heavyweights like the Volkswagen ID3, Nissan Leaf, and Renault Megane E-Tech. What sets it apart is its relatively lower price point, placing it closer to compact alternatives such as the Renault Zoe, thus making it an enticing value-for-money proposition.

Similar to a lesser-known Lenovo phone, the MG4 may not have crossed your mind, but a closer inspection reveals its impressive offerings. To begin with, its aesthetic design is strikingly sharp. In recent times, MG cars have often felt like imitations, borrowing elements from various other models on the market. However, with the MG4, it seems the designers were finally granted creative freedom, resulting in a fantastic outcome, particularly evident in the sporty-looking Trophy models. Additionally, 17-inch alloy wheels and LED head and tail lights come as standard features.

While the interior layout might not be as inspiring, it boasts a clean appearance thanks to a minimalist approach. Surprisingly, the interior quality surpasses expectations for its price range, rivaling more expensive alternatives. Every MG4 variant comes equipped with a 10.25-inch infotainment system and a 7.0-inch driver's display. Although the built-in software is relatively basic (navigation is only available in the top-tier models, for instance), Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as standard features.

However, the system can be somewhat cumbersome to use. Climate controls prove challenging to operate while driving, and accessing different driving modes necessitates navigating through settings menus. There is certainly room for improvement in this regard.

Apart from that, there are few shortcomings within the MG4's interior. Rear passenger space is impressive, offering ample headroom even for taller adults. The MG4 provides 363 litres of boot space, slightly less than the Volkswagen ID3's 385 litres. Notably, the MG4 includes a dedicated spot for charging cables, a feature lacking in the ID3, although it does slightly impact available space.

Currently, the MG4 is available in Standard Range and Long Range versions. An extended range variant is in the works, but for now, the entry-level version offers a range of 218 miles, while the largest battery provides a range of 281 miles. Standard Range models feature a 170hp electric motor on the rear axle, with Long Range models increasing the power output to 203hp.

The MG4 feels most at home in urban environments. Its well-weighted steering facilitates maneuverability, and the front offers good visibility. The car effectively absorbs bumps and imperfections on the road, contributing to a comfortable ride even at higher speeds on the motorway. However, some road noise is noticeable.

What may come as a pleasant surprise is the enjoyable driving experience the MG4 offers. It responds well to quick changes in direction at higher speeds, and both motor options provide ample acceleration. Additionally, a 442hp version is set to be released soon.

In recent years, MG cars have often been regarded as good value for the price. However, with the MG4, such a qualifier is unnecessary—it is simply an excellent vehicle, surpassing more expensive alternatives from higher-volume brands.

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What is the price of the MG4?

The MG MG4 is priced between £26,995 and £32,495, depending on the recommended retail price (RRP). However, by using carwow, you can save an average of £1,077. If you choose to pay in cash, prices start at £26,065, and monthly payments begin at £276. On carwow, the starting price for a used MG MG4 is £21,995.

In terms of size, the MG4 competes directly with the Volkswagen ID3, Cupra Born, and Renault Megane E-Tech. However, it offers significantly lower prices compared to these models. The VW starts at just under £40,000, while both the Renault and Cupra are around £37,000. Although the Nissan Leaf is slightly more expensive than the MG, it doesn't provide the same level of luxury or modern interior.

The MG4 range begins with the SE trim, which features a smaller 218-mile battery. The SE Long Range variant retains the same equipment but adds a more powerful motor and a larger battery, extending the range to 281 miles for an additional cost of £2,500. The top-spec Trophy models also come with the upgraded motor and battery setup, but the additional features reduce the range to 270 miles and cost an extra £3,000 or £30 per month.Performance and drive comfort

Performance This Car


City Driving

When you take the MG4 for a spin in town, one of the initial observations is its remarkable comfort. While electric vehicles typically have firm suspensions to prevent excessive body roll due to heavy batteries, the MG4 manages to deliver a smooth ride even on uneven roads and speed bumps, handling them effortlessly.

Furthermore, the MG4 exhibits impressive agility, thanks to its responsive motors and light steering. While there are different steering settings available, opting for the lightest mode sacrifices some tactile feedback, making the "normal" mode the recommended choice. Although the MG4's 10.7-meter turning circle falls slightly short of the VW ID3, it still enables easy maneuvering in busy urban areas. Moreover, it offers excellent forward visibility, but rear visibility is somewhat limited, making it challenging to observe surroundings when checking over your shoulder.

One aspect that some may find lacking is the absence of "one pedal driving." Unlike certain other electric vehicles that come to a complete stop when you release the throttle and rely on regenerative braking, the MG4 continues to move at low speeds. While it may take some adjustment, it can be mildly inconvenient having to use the brakes to stop in traffic. However, when you do apply the brakes, they offer smooth and jerk-free deceleration, unlike certain electric cars.

Highway Driving

The energetic electric motors of the MG4 also prove advantageous on the motorway. When accelerating to reach the national speed limit, the MG4 accelerates swiftly and seamlessly, effortlessly propelling you to a comfortable cruising speed.

Once you settle into that cruising speed, the MG4's supple suspension once again shines, providing a pleasant and relaxing experience on long journeys. Minor imperfections on the road go virtually unnoticed, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

However, it's worth noting that the MG4 is not the quietest EV at higher speeds, as some wind noise may be present. Additionally, the light steering, while suitable for urban driving, is less desirable at higher speeds. Nevertheless, this can be mitigated by adjusting the steering settings to increase its weight.

Driving on Curvy Roads

Surprisingly, the MG4 excels in handling corners, defying expectations set by its soft suspension. While comfort and cornering ability often have a trade-off, the MG4 strikes a balance, making driving on winding roads enjoyable, albeit without the characteristics of a sports car.

As you navigate a corner, the car exhibits minimal body lean, providing a sense of stability and confidence, eliminating concerns about veering into the opposite lane. This allows you to fully appreciate the power delivered by the electric motors. Having tested both power outputs, we can confidently say that each variant offers more than enough acceleration, while power sent to the rear wheels enhances agility when accelerating out of turns.

Despite its cornering prowess, it's essential to remember that the MG4 is not intended as a hardcore hot hatch replacement. It thrives on a more relaxed driving style, encouraging you to establish a rhythm rather than aggressively attacking corners with excessive enthusiasm that would result in tire-squealing maneuvers.

Space and Practicality

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Finding comfort as the driver in the MG4 is a breeze, thanks to the convenience of electrically adjustable seats and excellent steering wheel maneuverability. The steering wheel offers a wide range of adjustments for both reach and rake.

Once seated, you'll find ample storage options for all your essentials. There's a spacious bin located beneath the armrest, a convenient and coverable compartment in the center console, and a phone charging pad positioned on a plinth behind the gear selection dial. Additionally, the car features generous door bins, a felt-lined box for storing glasses, and a reasonably sized glovebox.

The cup holders are well-sized and within easy reach. However, their placement beneath the aforementioned plinth can make it a bit challenging to insert bottles while on the move. It's important to be cautious and avoid spilling your coffee while keeping your eyes on the road. This area is also situated quite close to the driver, so individuals with longer legs might find themselves resting their knee against the hard plastic, which can become uncomfortable during longer journeys.

Rear seat space in the MG4 is generally accommodating. The roof's subtle cutouts provide ample headroom, and even taller passengers should have no issues with their knees bumping against the seat in front.

Foot space is acceptable, although maneuvering your feet under the front seat can be a bit tricky. This may result in discomfort during longer trips, as the seat cushion is relatively close to the car's floor, causing your legs to be positioned higher without proper support.

Squeezing three adults in the back seat can be a bit tight in terms of shoulder space. It's worth noting that the absence of a central armrest is regrettable when the middle seat is unoccupied. The door bins in the back are smaller, and there's only one USB slot for passengers in the rear to share. However, a cool feature is the presence of mobile phone holders integrated into the back of the front seats, and the ISOFIX points are easily accessible.

Overall, the rear seat space is adequate, but it doesn't quite exude the same level of refinement as the front seats, and the materials used feel somewhat cheaper.

Moving on to the boot space, the MG4 offers 363 liters of capacity. While not exceptional, it falls slightly behind the ID3's 385 liters and the Nissan Leaf's more spacious 435 liters. However, when compared to the similarly priced Renault Zoe, which provides just 338 liters, the MG4's value proposition becomes more apparent. Folding down the rear seats unlocks a respectable 1,117 liters of space.

Practicality is not the MG4's strong suit, as it only features one tie-down hook and lacks a 12V charging port. On the bright side, you can stow the charging cables beneath the boot floor, preserving cargo space unlike in the VW. Furthermore, folding the rear seats down reveals a flat floor, making it easier to transport large and heavy items.

Some electric vehicles have a smaller front boot compartment under the bonnet due to the absence of a bulky petrol or diesel engine. However, the MG4, along with the ID3 and Leaf, does not offer any additional space in the front. While this may be disappointing, it is not a deal-breaker in this vehicle class.


If you've experienced disappointment with the interior appearance and quality of the ID3, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the MG4. Despite being significantly less expensive than its German counterpart, the MG4 offers a more premium feel with its use of soft-touch materials throughout.

The dashboard features a 10.25-inch infotainment screen that provides a clear display, although the graphics may appear slightly outdated, and the response to inputs can be somewhat sluggish. Additionally, the climate and drive mode control functions are tucked away in menus, making it a bit cumbersome to operate while on the move.

While only the top-spec Trophy model includes satellite navigation, it's not a major drawback since wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard and actually function better than MG's own system. The few physical buttons located beneath the screen, however, feel rather cheap and detract from the overall solid impression.

On the positive side, the digital display in front of the driver is impressive, featuring a sharp, clear screen with plenty of customization options. This allows you to use the buttons mounted on the steering wheel to display the most relevant information to you.

Conveniently situated above the front USB slots, there's a storage tray for your mobile phone. It includes a hole to neatly thread wires through, although it can be tricky and some wires may not fit through properly.

Electric vehicle range, charging capabilities, and taxation

The MG4 lineup offers a straightforward selection, consisting of three models that combine two motor options and two battery sizes. The SE models, which serve as the entry-level option, feature a 170hp motor and a 51kWh battery. They boast a range of 218 miles and can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 7.5 seconds.

For those seeking a longer range, the SE Long Range and Trophy Long Range models are available. These models come with a 203hp motor and a 64kWh battery, providing maximum ranges of 281 and 270 miles, respectively. Although the increased battery size adds some weight and slightly affects acceleration, the 0-60mph time remains impressive at 7.7 seconds.

Charging times vary depending on the battery size. The smaller 51kWh battery can be charged at a rate of up to 117kW, enabling a 10 to 80% charge in just 39 minutes. On the other hand, the larger 64kWh battery supports a 135kW charge rate, reducing the 10 to 80% charge time to approximately 35 minutes.

In our tests of the 203hp version with the larger battery, we recorded a remarkable 0-60mph time of 7.1 seconds, surpassing the official figures. Additionally, we observed an efficiency of 3.8 miles/kWh, which equates to an estimated range of 232 miles. While this falls slightly short of the official range, it's still an impressive result for real-world driving conditions.

During our experience with the entry-level SE version, we noted similar efficiency figures, suggesting a range of just under 200 miles for its smaller battery. Once again, this aligns closely with the manufacturer's claimed figures and provides a practical range for most driving needs.

Ensuring Safety and Security

The standard package for the MG4 includes MG Pilot, a comprehensive driver assistance system comprising active emergency braking, lane keep assist, driver attention alert, and intelligent high beam assist. Even the most affordable MG4 variant comes equipped with these features. Additionally, the Trophy models offer enhanced safety measures such as door opening warning, blind spot detection, rear cross traffic alert, and lane change assist.

Impressively, the MG4 also features adaptive cruise control as a standard inclusion. This functionality enables the vehicle to adjust its speed when approaching slower cars on the motorway, ensuring a controlled driving experience even in stop-start traffic situations.

When subjected to Euro NCAP safety testing, the MG4 achieved an impressive five-star rating. It excelled in occupant safety, scoring over 80%, and performed admirably in the vulnerable road users and safety assist categories, with a score exceeding 70%.

 Reliability and Potential Issues

Thus far, the MG4 has not been associated with any recurring issues or recalls. Electric vehicles (EVs) generally exhibit higher reliability compared to traditional petrol and diesel cars, making the MG4 a reliable choice that reduces concerns about potential repairs.

To provide further peace of mind, MG offers an excellent seven-year/80,000-mile warranty. This warranty coverage ensures that if any issues do arise, you will be protected. Moreover, the warranty is fully transferable, meaning that even if you purchase a used MG4, you can still benefit from the warranty as long as it falls within the specified age and mileage limits.


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